Nasty, Brutish and Short – 21st Century Goblin RPG!

Deep beneath the world of man all the ancient races still abide. The most numerous are the Goblins who make their living by stealing from the world of man and doing the bidding of more powerful beings.
Life for a Goblin is nasty, brutal and short, so they form gangs for mutual protection. Based upon the Dead Simple one page system, these are the rules for playing these Goblins in the modern world.
The one page core rules: Nasty, Brutal and Short

The setting: Going Down – The World of Nasty, Brutal and Short!

And the first adventure; battle a Human Covert Op’s unit, a Picsie Clan, a mad Wizard and a Vietnam Vet whose mind never left the jungle in the Metropolitan Museum of Social History and Art in New York. All for a little bronze statuette: Leonardo da Vinci’s Maltese Goblin.

The Maltese Goblin – a scenario for Nasty, Brutal & Short


About Craig

For those who need to know these things: - I'll never see 50 again. - I'm tall enough to see well in crowds and fat enough to leave a wake. - I'm well married to a woman with twice my smarts, three delightful and challenging children (er-hem), and one cat overlord. - I am Welsh. - I have to work for a living, but do nothing that makes me perspire.
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One Response to Nasty, Brutish and Short – 21st Century Goblin RPG!

  1. Hi Craig,
    Like you I’ll never see 50 again and the wake thing, yeah, that goes too. I have a great wife who indulges my RPG whims and plays all the time with us, which we do a couple times weekly. I just tried a run of Nasty, Brutal and Short. My group had a lot of fun.
    However, I have a question or two. The trolls, ogres and such have no stats, so I kind of made them up. The main problem we had was our player Goblins hitting anything. If the NME has any DEX at all and any armor, its like no chance at all to damage them even if you hit, while the ist level Goblin PCs get splatted pretty easily.
    Just a hint of what some DEX’s for foes should be? One main question is, in the rules for spells you said “Rolling an unmodified 10 causes 2 damage (armor does not stop this).”
    Do you mean that the Weirdo takes two damage from miss-casting the spell, or he does 2 damage to his target? Or what? We couldn’t figure it out, so we ignored it.
    Why damage on a 10? Why anything on a raw 10? I could see it on a 20 (Fumble perhaps) but why a 10?
    Don’t get me wrong. We enjoyed the game, but a little clarification on the above points would be nice.
    Also, when is the next installment of Maltese Goblin coming? I want to run it, but if a follow-up is due, I’d like to have it. You have a lot of work put into all these games, and all praise for it. And putting them up for free, is just beautiful of you. You have a number of old role-players as admiring fans in Toledo, Ohio, USA. Thanx for it.
    Bill McCord GM and Player since the early 80’s.

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