Dave’s Mapper

Occasionally as I trawl through the games blogosphere I come across a nugget of pure gold.

Some of you will undoubtedly know about Dave, but I am hoping that this will be a surprise for many of you. Dave runs a free program service that will randomly create maps for dungeons, caverns and even cities that you can then download and use.

His system seems to work on the old dungeon geomorph method, like the tiles I recently wrote about created by Billiam Babble (Inked Adventures).  The artwork is fairly basic, but these are not 3D rendered floortiles but practical maps you can use as a GM.  One of my friends, Matt, is currently putting my gaming group through its paces in a set of caverns created with Dave’s program.

What is particularly refreshing about Dave’s approach is that he has a merry band of contributors each creating their own tiles to a standard template. This means he has a huge range of tiles and styles that you can choose from. You can have maps made from the entire stock or choose the work of specific contributors. As you know I love cooperative ventures, especially where the result is so useful.

All this makes me want to whip out my graph paper and pens and get scribbling. Go and have a look, I guarantee you won’t be able to resist creating a map and maybe even use the result.



About Craig

For those who need to know these things: - I'll never see 50 again. - I'm tall enough to see well in crowds and fat enough to leave a wake. - I'm well married to a woman with twice my smarts, three delightful and challenging children (er-hem), and one cat overlord. - I am Welsh. - I have to work for a living, but do nothing that makes me perspire.
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2 Responses to Dave’s Mapper

  1. David Millar says:

    Thanks for the kind words! I hope you’ll consider busting out the graph paper and drawing utilities and showing what you’ve got. 🙂

  2. Craig says:

    You are most welcome Dave.
    As it happens I have already started experimenting with a number of styles. I’m using 5mm graphpaper and a 0.75mm black fineliner over pencil sketches. With the Radio 4 on or some suitable music on it really is quite relaxing.
    I may send you a page of initial sketches after Easter for you to have a look at, just to make sure that I am following the instructions properly.

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