RPG Counters/Gaming Tokens

With the best will in the world none of us hard-working GMs can collect and own every single miniature that he needs. Many of us used numbered counters to represent the enemy, and also townsfolk and other npcs. Well you need used those blank tiddlywinks no more…

Devin Night has been producing counters for a while now. Each one has a clear and well-drawn top down image of a monster, PC or NPC. He will make them to order and has a wide range of gaming tokens on offer. These can be found on his excellent website here: http://www.immortalnights.com/tokensite/

What many do not know is that he also released twenty sets for free: http://www.immortalnights.com/tokensite/tokenpacks.html These free sets, each with at least twenty and as many as fifty excellently drawn tokens, cover everything from the standard dungeon monsters to PC’s, Townsfolk, Nobles & Guards, Soldiers, a Campsite and Pirates. All you have to do is drop them into word, print them on card, or mount them on card. Everything a Fantasy RPG DM needs for an evening’s play.

Here are a few examples of the quality of these free figures:

Char_01 Char_02 Char_05 Char_06DwellerN_08 DwellerN_09

As good as these free tokens are you have to look at his professional output to get an idea of just what Devin is able to produce. Some of them are just amazing.

Devin also has a blog: http://devinnight.wordpress.com/ On here he keeps his followers up-to-date with all his new ranges such as modern PCs/NPCs and Pig-faced Orcs – and who doesn’t like pig-faced orcs eh?


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One Response to RPG Counters/Gaming Tokens

  1. devinnight says:

    Hey, Thanks for the shout out. It’s always appreciated. Right now my site is going through changes so if you don’t get through at first try that’s probably why. Thanks again.

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