New Dead Simple Character Sheet

An excellent chap called Per Frithiofsson has created a wonderful new Character Sheet for us all to use. You will find it in the Rules Downloads section for Dead Simple.

Please put your hands together and thank him for this splendid effort!


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5 Responses to New Dead Simple Character Sheet

  1. Sean Jensen says:

    Awesome sheet Per! Any plans to create sheets for the variations (Blaster, etc.)? Thanks for the contribution.

  2. Per says:

    Hi Sean,

    I’m glad that you liked it! 🙂

    I’m actually new to Dead Simple as well, and haven’t yet had a deeper look into the variations. I will have a look and see what I can do. Blaster at a first glance seems to be pretty similar to Dead Simple. So that one I think I could put together without too much effort.

    • Craig says:

      Hi Per,
      Alongside Blaster, Carbon City is one of the most popular sets in the Dead Simple range if you’re feeling generous 😀

  3. Ville says:

    Nice sheet Per!
    I had mistaken about character creation before Per made the sheet, I missed a part of “skill check” and thought the race bonus would be added to attributes instead of skills. Anyway, i have a new question though i suspect i already know the answer: some skill’s aptitude is calculated “attributex2”; does the race bonus apply once or twice in these cases ? Eg if making severely min-maxed human priest with SPT 4,persuasion skill spt x2, trained+1, race bonus+2 and profession bonus+2 would give 13 as starting skill value, 12 if the race bonus is only +1 despite “attributex2”. I suspect the race bonus is only +1, applied to relevant skills only but wanted to be sure.

    Also, are the enemies and spells in Busiris compatible to DSRPG as they are and vice versa?

    Now pardon me but I just get more and more questions as I write. What skills are barbarians supposed to use when using survival? I would think tracking requires perception and finding stuff from woods requires some nature lore (knowledge) in addition. But barbarian’s perception tends to be 4-5 and his knowledge skill is even worse (often dumbest party member!) barbarian is supposed to be the partys outdoors expert, but seems a wizard could do better stat-wise. Is there a solution for this?

    I hunger for supplements! I heard there is more coming? You are doing excellent job! Soon I can have that campaign, lots of work though but I feel more free than ever, annoying fluff no more!

    Thanks, Craig!
    – Ville from Finland

    • Ville says:

      Now look who writes comments in the dark of the night. I meant to ask, if the tales of prax spells would be somehow compatible in dsrpg, or would they be too overpowered for the single spell aster in the party. But now lets wait for the fourth edition:)

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