Vox populi

Ok folks, the Dead Simple rules already cover a range of periods from Sci-Fi to Fantasy. Are there any other periods you would like to see me write a Dead Simple set for?


About Craig

For those who need to know these things: - I'll never see 50 again. - I'm tall enough to see well in crowds and fat enough to leave a wake. - I'm well married to a woman with twice my smarts, three delightful and challenging children (er-hem), and one cat overlord. - I am Welsh. - I have to work for a living, but do nothing that makes me perspire.
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22 Responses to Vox populi

  1. paul says:

    Hi Craig, how about a setting like the monsters hunters international books?
    Could be really cool with this system…

  2. Joe says:

    I was trying to figure out how to make a martial arts game fit. I was thinking something along the old Shaw Brothers kung fu movies (The One Armed Swordsman and the 36 Chambers of Shaolin are both must see films). I think an old west gunslinger would probably work quite well.

  3. Craig says:

    And never forgetting Deaf Mute Heroine …

  4. paul says:

    Could you up date the blood and faith rpg ?..it has a really good Solomon Kane vibe..witch and demon hunting …very cool

  5. Martin says:

    Rome. The German frontier of the Principate was an amazingly cool time for adventure, and as creepy as you want to make it.

  6. Richard says:

    How about a simple world war 2 and a gamma world type game

    • Craig says:

      I have been considering doing a version based on the exploits of the Special Operations Executive in France 1944…
      Gamma World, my god, that takes me back over thirty years 🙂

  7. Max says:

    Avatar: The Last Airbender?

    • Craig says:

      Interesting idea, but fraught with copyright issues and I am a lot more familiar with the film than the series which I understand are like chalk and cheese.

  8. Docgrognard says:

    Cives, ubi aquilea gloria ?

  9. Max says:

    Something in the Golden Age of Piracy perhaps?

  10. paul says:

    Victorian supernatural detectives…Dracula meets sherlock Holmes…secret societies…dark back alleys of the empire….cane swords..

  11. Richard says:

    Hi craig this is possibly the wrong place for this and I am sorry, However where can I get the dead simple rules for firefly and inquisitor?

    • Craig says:

      I had to pull both versions as the publishers demanded that I put a half page copyright disclaimer into each one. Send me your email address and I can send them to you [craigcartmell@yahoo.com].

  12. KaydrienDragon says:

    Something Aztec-ish might be interesting. Probably need a modification to the usual magic rules to get the feel right.

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