A thousand goblins for less than five bucks…?

I do spend far too much time browsing the interweb, that is for certain. The reason I do it is because occasionally I come across a nugget of pure gold.
A few years ago I came across the work of an artist called Dave Okum on a paper miniatures forum. His figures stood out because of their really engaging cartoon style, their bold and effective use of colour and because he was drawing what I had always wanted to possess – damned good and fun fantasy figures.

Now before you turn your nose up at the thought of using paper/card miniatures take a glance at that unpainted pile of lead and plastic on your hobby bench, yes you know the one, the “I’ll get around to it” pile… Wouldn’t it be nice if you could produce fifty figures in a single evening that would look great on the tabletop as you get ready to overwhelm your players with your latest incredible dungeon/space station/secret lair?
Figures you don’t have to varnish, lug around in protective foam packaging in a huge plastic chest, and get very precious about as one of the players accidentally knocks it off the table?

I can fit a hundred of dave’s figures in a small cardboard box, I don’t have to protect them overmuch and if they get damaged or I need more I just go to the printer and load some card.
And, most of all, the pdf package for these figures usually retails for less than £5 or $7, and is often as cheap as 99c…

Dave has a forum on which he chats with fans of his work and you can find it here: http://okumartsgames.proboards.com/
He markets his work here: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/browse.php?manufacturers_id=3639

His Facebook page, upon which he puts regular announcements, is here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Okumarts-Games/188520267860500?fref=ts

On last thing, on July 7th Dave will be launching a new range through Kickstarter. This will be a set of dungeon creatures, rules and 3D card dungeons called Darkfast Dungeons. I think that it will be well worth a look.



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One Response to A thousand goblins for less than five bucks…?

  1. Reblogged this on merlinspielen and commented:
    A friend of mine is trying a Kickstatrter to launch an expansion of his paper miniatures for role-playing games and his line of 3D paper role-playing add-ons! Really awesome artwork, and if you are a fan old school dungeons & dragons RPGs – then this is an incredible opportunity to get your hands on exclusive Okumarts originals!

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