The City of Busiris

This is the introduction to the Busiris setting for the Dead Simple RPG.

The City of Busiris is a jewel of the Empire. A thriving metropolis alive with opportunities for enrichment, personal advancement and ignominious death.

desert city
Although founded less than two centuries ago, Busiris is built upon the ruins of a far more ancient city. No-one knows the name or history of that place. It seems to have disappeared with the people who inhabited it. Much of present Busiris is built from the sandstone rubble of the older city and beneath it are layers of disused sewers, cellars and catacombs.
The walls of Busiris are also built upon their ancient forebears, though the present city has sprawled far beyond its predecessor’s confines.
Busiris is a colony of a distant, almost fabled, Empire. It is a melting pot where the high culture and ancient magic of the Empire meets a new continent full of promise and danger. Here the Old Deities compete with the Wild Spirit Lords of the interior and their feral magic.
Being a place of both peril and fabulous riches it attracts the best and worst men of the Empire. Ambitious Princes, devious Priests and greedy Merchants rub shoulders with Mercenaries, Adventurers and Tomb Robbers. Everyone is out to make their fortune and advance their destiny far from the stultifying and oppressive ‘harmony’ of the Empire proper. Intrigue, conspiracy and betrayal are as common as the rain is not.
Busiris itself is a narrow strip of land pressed between the Great Ocean and the mountains of the Rim. A coastal plain which is hot and dry, yet fertile because of the many streams and rivers that tumble out of the mountains.
Beyond the Rim lie the salt deserts of the Mogadai and then the spice-laden jungles of the interior. Below the shifting sands and sweltering jungles are the bones of ancient civilisations. Tombs, temples and entire cities are hidden just waiting to be discovered and plundered by those brave enough or mad enough to try.
In the two centuries since the Empire discovered it, Busiris has developed far.  A great city now graces the mouth of the River Busa and around it are many hundreds of square miles of neatly irrigated farmland dotted with small, thriving towns and villages.
Great caravans emerge from the desert bearing spices, ivory, gems, exotic animal pelts and feathers for the markets of Busiris and thence to the Empire.
The city itself rises like a giant above the dusty plain and is visible for leagues around. Above it the Governor’s Palace and the roofs of the Temples soar like jewelled birds.
Below, in the tangled lanes of the Souk, merchants haggle for their living, thieves plot their way to fortune, nobles and priests advance their conspiracies and adventurers plan their next forays into the interior.

In the Downloads page you shall find nine documents describing the setting, the game rules, adversaries, the bestiary and much more.


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