Oh my giddy Aunt, it’s a dungeon!!

Well my dungeoneers we have seen modular dungeon terrain come and go over the years. If, like me, you are always strapped for cash because the mortgage company thinks it deserves it, and the spouse and children are always going on about having clothes and food and heat, well the likes of Dwarven Forge are far beyond our financial capabilities.
It seems that we are doomed to drawing out wobbly shapes on squared mats forever and having to rely entirely upon our imaginations… sigh…
But wait, the British are coming! You Americans you can put down your muskets, I mean the Brit’s of Battle System. They have launched a Kickstarter for what looks to be one of the finest, and cheapest, 3D modular dungeon construction systems ever.

Now I have watched all the videos, listened to the sales pitch and basically sat there glassy-eyed and drooling as you will too I am sure. Looking at the offers on this I could fill a 3’x3′ gaming mat with two levels of dungeon terrain for just £75, the cost today of a decent board game. Yes, I did say two levels, this dungeon understands the third dimension totally (and your figures can actually climb the stairs too…).

These fine chaps have already delivered on a fine SF version of this concept, so they are not a pair of fly-by-night hucksters. This time they have already got double their target amount and there’s a whole month to go!


Did I mention that each set comes with more flat-pack furniture than IKEA?

If you want to see more drop by this page:


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