Otherworld Miniatures

A while back I featured some figures from Otherworld Miniatures, especially their brilliant pig-faced orcs. I’m hoping that a lot of you took the opportunity to visit them and see their excellent old school roleplaying figure range.
Well, as is my wont, I have just been back to their site to see how they have been getting on in the last six months. Well they have not been resting on their laurels and that is for sure.
their latest release include a broad range of the shambling dead as well as a Harpy and a couple of ‘Barrow Guardians’.

What particularly drew my eye were the following:
1. A pair of Tomb Robbers who would make good low level characters in their own right, or stalwart henchmen. Both are excellent sculpts and well worth the price.


2. The other release were a small band of Mongrelmen. I don’t know if you remember these interesting monsters/npcs from D&D of yore but I certainly do and I have never seen miniatures for them before. They really do look like I always imagined them.


As before I commend this small company to you for all your dungeon creature and adventurer needs.


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  1. Very cool. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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