To arms!

As some of you may have read the chaps at North Star Miniatures are supporting Osprey’s upcoming fantasy skirmish game Frostgrave. I saw this at Salute and it looks very interesting.

The concept is that each player has a different type of wizard, supported by heroes and soldiers, and goes head-to-head with other wizards and their henchman. Well so far, so wargame, what has this to do with roleplaying you ask.

It is the soldier figures folks. North Star are producing their first plastics and when I saw this I immediately thought ‘oh my good gods, wouldn’t this be brilliant for henchmen, brigands, city guard and mercenaries in just about any fantasy roleplaying game you care to mention’. If you are doubtful then just look at this photo:

Frostgrave Soldiers

And here are the details of what you shall get in the box:

This is a set of 20 plastic 28mm sized figures. Their role in the game is to accompany the Wizards into the frozen city, fight opponents and grab treasure. The player designs his own band of followers, and arms them as they wish. So our box set is designed to allow you to do that.

In the box, there are 4 ‘frames’ of plastic. Each frame has:
5 bodies
10 heads
25 different arms/ weapons
2 shields
+ selection of bags & equipment.
This means you can make 100’s of unique figures.

Anyone else thinking this could really get interesting?

At the moment, you can only buy these in packs of rules, wizards and soldiers here: However, I, for one, shall be petitioning Nick to sell these as a stand-alone set.


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