Blood Eagle


Just a short post to commend to you my latest production based on the IHMN core rules – Blood Eagle, skirmish warfare in the legendary Dark Ages. You can find out more about it here:

Blood Eagle Cover 72dpi

This is what has been distracting me from Dead Simple over the past few months.

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Carbon City Map

For those of you who enjoy this game a chap called David Johnston has produce a map of this fair city. Please join me in thanking him for this.


This small map and its larger cousin can be found in the Rules Downloads page, in the Carbon City section.

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I’ve been thinking again…

For some while now I have been thinking about how to create a roleplaying game where the emphasis is on what the player’s character can do rather than the mechanics of how they became able to do it.

Many roleplaying games have detailed character creation and development rules that involve the  determination of primary attributes and the derivation from them of secondary attributes, aptitudes, skills and abilities. Some of these can require actual arithmetic to determine how bonuses flow down from the primary attributes to the lesser ones. In this category, I include Dead Simple – which is a bit ironic when you come to think of it.

In play, these primary and secondary attributes hardly feature at all. Instead, the players make dice rolls based upon their characters’ skills, abilities and powers.


When I wrote WYSIWYG I quite accidentally ignored any form of attribute because I was concentrating on defining a chosen figure in roleplaying terms rather than the other way around. Characters were instead defined solely by their skills and abilities. They could choose six of these and, if they chose background race or profession ones, they generally got a two for one deal.

So, if you have a standard task resolution mechanism, such as rolling 15 or more on a d20, then all you need are skills and abilities that allow you modify these rolls in appropriate situations. Add  modifiers from having suitable equipment and you are laughing. Then you might like some abilities that give your character the capability to perform acts unrelated to the task resolution system, such as being able to see in the dark.

If you use a skill and ability choice system these could be represented by cards. Add cards for race, profession and equipment and suddenly a character is a deck, not a sheet of paper.

I am going to be playing around with these ideas over the next few weeks and then applying them to a genre to see how they will play out. So watch this space.

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Vapnartak 2016

Vapnartak 2016 @ York
Sunday 7th February

Charles and I, along with our glamorous assistants, shall be attending this year’s show.
We’ll be running participation games of Daisho on two boards for you to come along and try.
We shall also be happy to talk to people about In Her Majesty’s Name and its future, as well as our upcoming project – Blood Eagle.
Look for the team with the natty black polo shirts bearing the Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare bowler hat logo.


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Orcs are not green!

I really don’t care what the mainstream companies think, in my Dead Simple campaign Orcs are not green.

What you see below are my conversion of a gang of Warhammer 40K orcs painted in real flesh colours. So what do you think?

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Denizens of the Dark for Fifth Edition

Can you remember the first time you and your companions lit torches and ventured underground? I can, it was 1975, I was sixteen and we were being DM’d by a Canadian AirForce brat (I was an RAF brat). We came across four goblins playing with dice in a chamber underneath a ruined keep and we very nearly crapped ourselves. A short fight later our Wizard was dead, but so were the goblins.

As Fifth Edition starts to grow the next supplement to get the upgrade is Denizens of the dark. Now you can pit your players against a range of dastardly, low level foes in the under-earth.

The Dwarves of the under-earth are avaricious and small-minded. More concerned with gold and gems than their surface kin, they regard adventurers as little better than thieves. Living in an unforgiving environment where most things either want to eat them or take their stuff, they have a tendency to fire first and ask questions of the survivors.

One of the reasons for their nervousness is the presence of Orcs. Not overly bright they are nonetheless not to be underestimated for they are both tough and savage. A patrol of orcs is more than a match for a low-level party on its first expedition into the under-earth, especially if they bring an ogre with them.

Another savage denizen of the dark are the goblins. These are cunning and well-organised, something that offsets their small size and lack of strength. Many a party has underestimated the goblins and never returned to the light of the sun.


Deeper in the under-earth, often close to volcanic vents you may find tribes of kobolds. They regard themselves as the children of dragons and can be very aggressive for a race so small. Although they do not use metal weapons they make up for this with fell magic and their ability to tame deadly fire serpents.

The last part of this supplement lists a few classic dungeon monsters; giant rats, giant spiders and giant scorpions.

My next venture shall be to upgrade Supplement 6C, Death is only the beginning…

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Dead Simple Supplement 7A – City Events Tables

A medieval is a big, chaotic and fascinating environment, full of life and activity. To assist DM’s running adventures in a city I have devised and uploaded a set of simple events tables to add a bit of spice to a journey through a medieval city.


You can find this in the Rules Downloads page.

Remember that you don’t have to pick event randomly, you can just choose ones that suit your storyline or that you feel might give the players the opportunity to experience the city in all its dirty glory.

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