Rules Downloads

This is where you will find all the latest versions of the various rules, supplements and adventures featured in this blog.

Dead Simple Fantasy RPG – 8th Edition

Dead Simple Fantasy RPG – 7th Edition

Dead Simple Fantasy RPG – 5th Edition

Dead Simple Fantasy RPG – 4th Edition

Dead Simple Fantasy RPG – 3rd Edition

Carbon City – 1930’s Superhero RPG

Busiris – setting for Dead Simple Fantasy RPG

Machinations – Steampunk RPG

Blaster! – Hard SF RPG

Nasty, Brutal & Short – 21st Century Goblins RPG

Stargate 1895 RPG

Jedi Rules: work-in-progress

Tales of Prax – Dead Simple Gloranthan RPG

The Japanese translation of the the one page rules by JJ:

SOE 21 – Dead Simple Modern Espionage RPG

To Go Boldly – Star Trek RPG

Inscrutable – Dead Simple rules for a fantasy medieval Japan

Machinations – Dark & Fantastic Steampunk


Lamplight Fantasy RPG

104 Responses to Rules Downloads

  1. Matt says:

    Cannot wait for a monstrous compendium!! 8th rocks!

  2. Thank you for developing the rules for Dead Simple Fantasy RPG. They’re amazing. I’ve made some playing pieces which can be downloaded here They relate to the 3rd edition rules.

  3. Had great fun playing Dead Simple on Friday night. If anyone’s interested you can see it here

  4. Developed a Dead Simple Fantasy RPG village on the coast. If you want a look it’s here,, feel free to use or nick from.

  5. Another village, Rogaland (with a Viking vibe) to explore in your games if you want can be found here

  6. The new Lamplight rules are a great read and it’s great that it can be solo play.The random tables are great – I might use them for my Dead Simple games. Here’s last night’s game…

    • Craig says:

      The proofread version of Lamplight will be available shortly. My friends on the FB group have been spotting all my many errors 😉

  7. Sorry, here’s last night’s game…

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