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This is where you will find all the latest versions of the various rules, supplements and adventures featured in this blog.

Dead Simple Fantasy RPG – 8th Edition

Dead Simple Fantasy RPG – 7th Edition

Dead Simple Fantasy RPG – 5th Edition

Dead Simple Fantasy RPG – 4th Edition

Dead Simple Fantasy RPG – 3rd Edition

Carbon City – 1930’s Superhero RPG

Busiris – setting for Dead Simple Fantasy RPG

Machinations – Steampunk RPG

Blaster! – Hard SF RPG

Nasty, Brutal & Short – 21st Century Goblins RPG

Stargate 1895 RPG

Jedi Rules: work-in-progress

Tales of Prax – Dead Simple Gloranthan RPG

The Japanese translation of the the one page rules by JJ:

SOE 21 – Dead Simple Modern Espionage RPG

To Go Boldly – Star Trek RPG

Inscrutable – Dead Simple rules for a fantasy medieval Japan

Machinations – Dark & Fantastic Steampunk



86 Responses to Rules Downloads

  1. artikid says:

    I love Dead Simple.
    I especially liked Tales of Prax, but I have to nitpick: there is a reference to Thieves in the combat section, and it is not clear what the effect of Iron weapons/armors is.

    • Todd Preston says:

      I’ve never played a tabletop game in length, but I’ve been around it enough to understand the basic concept. I was on a quest to find a simple tabletop rpg to run and I’ve gotten a few friends (who’ve never played) stoked about playing!!! We will be creating characters on Wednesday, but won’t be running any campaigns until I figure out how to do that…

      How do I create a game/ run a game/ What do I do? LOLAny advice would be most helpful!

      • Start with a simple introductory game to get used to the rules.
        Make sure one of the players takes a priest, you always need the healing.
        Let people sell bits of equipment they don’t want at half their listed price so they can buy stuff they do want. For example, Humans get three hunting spears to begin with. Many human characters sell these to get some cash to add to their initial 25 ducats.
        For their first foray I suggest a small dungeon complex, say five interconnected rooms, the last of which should be moderately large. The doors between the rooms will be locked and will require a thief to pick the locks or someone strong enough to kick them in (manhandle skill roll). Though kicking doors tends to alert the monsters within.
        Populate each room with half a dozen goblins (50/50 spear/bow).
        The big room should have a dozen goblins, one hobgoblin (the leader) and an ogre.
        Each of the smaller rooms should have little treasure except one or two ducats per goblin.
        In the big room have a treasure chest with 300 ducats in it and one or two potions.
        Read the following supplements:
        – Dead Simple Games-mastering.
        – Going underground
        – Denizens of the dark (for the goblins and ogre stats)
        I use small red glass beads/counters to mark up monsters that have been wounded.
        make sure people remember that they can exchange their initial destiny points for die re-rolls (it could save their lives).
        If anyone does something especially clever, funny or courageous immediately give them a destiny point for their trouble.
        If they survive, give each of them five destiny points as a reward, then it’s back to the bar at the Duck’n’Cover Inn in the village of Grobblet.
        If they are all KO’d have them wake up outside the dungeon in their underwear, perhaps with goblin graffiti drawn on their foreheads 🙂

      • Todd says:

        could you give me a few examples of combat?

        Which stats added to what rolls equal a hit? How do I know what dice to roll for damage? Or if there is a link to that i would love that too!

  2. Sean Jensen says:

    Great site. Great layout. Great system. Thanks for making your efforts available to all.

  3. Piscaso says:

    Can’t wait to try!

  4. docgrognard says:

    trying to re find “to boldly go ” & the setting page ? I have a hard copy, but cant find the pdf. Did you get a C&D from paramount ?

  5. Craig says:

    When I rejigged the blog I didn’t put everything back. So, just for you ;), you will find To Go Boldly above.

  6. Charlie Warren says:

    Great stuff here!

  7. tbroer says:

    Hey, this seems like a really great ruleset for what I planned to master soon, but I have a question regarding the Equipment List in “Blaster – Simple SciFi Roleplaying Version 5th Edition”: What are AV Pods and AP Pods meant to be? Sorry, English is only the second language I learned and I couldn’t find an explanation anywhere…

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  9. scottmgoogle says:

    What happened to Supplement 8? Does such a thing exist?

  10. scottmgoogle says:

    Year typo in “stargate-1895-victorian-scifi-rpg.pdf”:

    “Stargate 1985 – Victorian SciFi Roleplaying Game”

    May want to search the rest of the files for the same error.

    Great stuff by the way!

  11. tbroer says:

    Craig, I got notified via EMail that you answered a few questions. Could you please answer mine regarding “AV Pods and AP Pods” as well?

    • Craig says:

      My apologies for the delay. Life etc.
      OK the AV and AP pods are the ammunition for the Pod-launcher.
      AV = Anti-vehicle, what we might call today ‘armour piercing’.
      AP = Anti-personnel, a fragmentation round for use against infantry/civilians.

  12. Craig says:

    I am the one who should say sorry. I’m normally a lot quicker at replying to fellow gamers.

  13. Sean Jensen says:

    Any idea on when you might have the Carbon City rules upgrade available? Thanks.

  14. Craig says:

    Carbon City had been proposed to Osprey Publishing to be the next genre setting for our skirmish rules ‘In Her Majesty’s Name’. However, it was turned down, so no further work was done on the setting as a skirmish game or RPG.
    It remains, however, an RPG setting I wish to revisit in 2015, so watch this space 🙂

  15. Sean Jensen says:

    Will do. We are looking forward to the new “15” rules being incorporated. Thanks again.

  16. drexall says:

    Hello mate just wanted to say from one old gaming fart to another – great stuff, I have been gaming for 30+ yrs with the same jaded/cynical/grumpy group of folks and your collection was well received 🙂 please keep up the great work and don’t let that life stuff get I the way……..if only. once again thanks and keep it coming

  17. Alan says:

    Just wanted to say YOU ROCK!!!! Thanks for all the work and sharing to make simple and fun rpgs!!!!!

  18. Mike says:


    Thank you so much for your dedication to this. My kids and I (10 year old boy and girl) have been using these rules to explore fantastic worlds and dungeons, runes and towns. We recently (two days ago) managed to talk my wife into rolling a priest and joining us after much “I won’t like it” statements.

    Just thought I’d mention that I (we, really) LOVE the changes in the 5th Edition Draft. It is a bit easier to hit/succeed and makes a little more sense to the kids.


  19. Craig says:

    You are most welcome Mike 🙂
    Once Daisho (our next professional publication) is off to the printers I may have time to complete the 5th Edition. it is something I am very keen to do.

  20. Hello Craig,

    Maybe I am missing something but in combat (looking at v4) the attacker performs a Fighting or Shooting skill check minus defenders DEX. According to skill check rules the attacker always needs 15 and always succeed on natural 20. The damage is calculated by the difference between what the attacker needs (always 15) & what he scores (roll + fighting – defenders DEX). If I am not mistaken the player can score <15 on a natural 20 resulting in negative damage. Am I reading something incorrectly?

    • Craig says:

      That is indeed a glitch in the current editions, but something I am making impossible under the fifth edition. No more odd arithmetic shall be required.

  21. jessejacosta says:

    Holy crap this is awesome. I’m so glad someone mentioned this on Facebook. Excited to print off a copy of the game rules and supplements and have a read.

    Do people play this online anywhere? Ive seen some fancy programs and websites where people can move pieces on a virtual board and chat or voip. It’s been a good fifteen plus years since my last rpg session. Might be fun to do something like play by email move a day type thing for me. Slow but could fit it in my day.

  22. Hello Craig. I`ve accidentaly discovered your blog, I am truly amazed! This is really great stuff. Can`t wait to play, deadsimple and WYSIWYG with my group.

    Since we`re from Brazil, I am translating the rules to portuguese before playing. Are you interested in publishing a portuguese translated version in your blog?

    About WYSIWYG, I`ve noticed that larger weapons and heavier armour are always better, but I think they should be clumsier and slower than light armour and small weapons, despite their upgraded range and power output, How could we to balance this?

  23. Lordeaeron says:

    Hi, sorry for supplying such little info on my question but I am looking for a “plot” of an RPG. It uses Dead Simple Fantasy charters and 4th edition mechanics but I don’t know what “map” it is. The plot is around a giant hole that needs to be inspected as strange smells and sounds have been coming out of it. The adventure either starts in an Inn or in the forest and I believe with the forest start up you need to find a stone circle to enter the hole. Also there is used a professional (laminated) map used for this. Any ideas what this “plot/map” might be? If yes, any idea where I can find the plot?

  24. David Johnston says:

    Hey Craig. Thank you, again, for all this amazing work. I have one quick question, though:

    Combat turn sequence –
    Did you intend for…

    a) all the movement to happen for each combatant, then all the spells, then all the combat?


    b) each combatant to go through the moment, spell, and attack phases one at a time?

    Your rules kind of read like a), but so many RPGs use b).

  25. David says:

    Everyone is loving it so far, Craig! I’ve tried to incorporate your 5th edition rules into the Carbon City ruleset, and added a few more powers for them to choose. If you’re interested in my mashup, and/or the Carbon City maps I’ve made from old USGS 1930’s maps, let me know and I’ll send them along to you.

    I have another question for you:

    About wounds:

    I’ve imported the “wounded, gravely wounded, KO’ed” changes into Carbon City from your 5th edition. But we’re not sure your intent on getting wounded.

    The Attacker needs a 16 to hit, and gets a 20.
    The Defender fails his Toughness check.
    Therefore there is an overage of 4.

    Does the defender:
    a) receive one wound, and become “wounded”
    b) receive four wounds, and immediately become “KO’ed”

    Both seems legitimate to us, based on the reading of the rules.

    • Craig says:

      In Fifth Edition I simplified the hit result system so you didn’t have to subtract the ‘overage’ from he toughness check like so:
      If the hit a figure must make Toughness Skill Check. If he fails he becomes Wounded and all his skill rolls are at a -2 penalty.
      If wounded a second time he becomes Seriously Wounded and all his skill rolls are at a -4 penalty.
      If wounded a third time he is knocked out (KO’d).

  26. David says:

    Cool. So there is no way a single hit can knock anyone unconscious? It takes three hits, no matter what.

  27. David says:

    And thank you so much for answering these questions!

  28. Andy says:

    Thank you for a great game. Would you consider sharing editable copies (doc, odt, rtf), for house ruling and hacking. I’m interested in Dead Simple Fantasy and it’s supplements.

  29. Pat Dixon says:

    Hi Craig,
    Really, really great ideas. I’m currently obsessed with Carbon City and hoping my group will want to play. I would like to add more super powers, though, and was wondering how you would handle “Super Strength.” Not so much Superman, but more like Doc Savage — really strong and past the human norm, but not throwing tanks around.


    Pat in Oregon

  30. Stephen says:

    I’m very new to this and have a question about the toughness skill check.

    Say I am a dwarf miner(toughness 4) from what i can understand. I get hit then i do a toughness skill check. I to this by taking my toughness from 15 (11) and roll a d20. If i roll equal to or higher than 11 I suffer now wounds. Is this correct?

  31. StephenC says:

    Just trying to understand something. In the Denizen of the Dark, the creature have the set of statistics that are used when playing. But would like to know if i am reading the stats right. For example the Dwarven Miner has the following:
    * Primary Attributes *
    STR: 3, — Strength
    DEX: 2, — Dexterity
    INT: 3, — Intellect
    SPT: 3. — Spirit
    AGI: +2, — Agility
    * Skills *
    CFT: +4, — Craft
    FTG: +7, — Fighting
    KNW: +4, — Knowledge
    PCP: +3, — Perception
    PRS: +3, — Persuations
    STG: +4, — Shooting
    SPD: +2, — Defence
    STL: +2, — Stealth
    TGH: +4. — Toughness

    • Craig says:

      You are indeed reading the stats correctly. I am working on a more user friendly stat block for seventh edition, possibly as a card.

  32. StephenC says:

    For magic use, is the following correct
    1. A wizard succeeds in casting a spell if on a d20, the roll is higher than 15 – wizard’s knowledge value. eg. is a wizard has a knowledge value of +8, then if they roll 7 or higher they succeed in the casting the spell. Is this correct?
    2. An enemy succeeds in resisting a spell if on a d20, the roll is higher than 15 – enemy’s spirit value. eg. is an enemy has a spirit value of 4, then if they roll 11 or higher they succeed in resisting the spell. Is this correct?
    3. After casting a spell, the wizard can also use a range attack in the next phase of combat. Is this correct? If this is right, then each round of combat, a wizard could effectively cause two wounds of damage. One via a spell and one via a range attack.

  33. Craig says:

    Hi Stephen,
    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes

    • Sean says:

      Craig, So I understood the use of magic a bit different than StephenC’s interpretation and your confirmation. The rules indicate that “An enemy will resist a spell cast upon him so deduct the enemy’s SPT from the Wizard’s skill check.” So I saw this as Wizard rolls 1d20+Knowledge-Enemy’s SPT=15+.

      • Craig says:

        That about covers it – yes 🙂
        But, and it is a big but, you should always play these rules in the way that makes sense to you and your players.
        The whole point of Dead Simple is that it fires your creativity through its simplicity and you choose how to use it and, expand upon it.

  34. Maxwell says:

    Quick question Sir, are you going to give your fantasy rules an overhaul like you did for your Inscrutable rules, or should I do it myself?

  35. Craig says:

    You are welcome.
    Did you realise we have an active Facebook group?

    • Maxwell says:

      I don’t have a facebook profile, and am not currently interested in one, but thanks for the invitation anyway. Cheers!

  36. StephenC says:


    I notice that the potions have cure poison / disease properties. I am wondering how this affects the adventures.
    1. Does poison / disease affect combat?
    2. Does this affect their current state, are they always considered wounded at best? Or does this cause a wound to occur every x amount of time that passes?
    3. Does this affect skill checks in any way?

  37. Sampire says:

    I am unsure of how combat works in Dead Simple. Where is the enemies hit points?

    • Craig says:

      Hi Sampire,

      There are no hit points. The rules for wounding are as follows:
      If hit a figure must make Toughness Skill Check. If he fails he becomes Wounded and all his skill rolls are at a -2 penalty.
      If wounded a second time he becomes Seriously Wounded and all his skill rolls are at a -4 penalty.
      If wounded a third time he is knocked out (KO’d).
      A KO’d figure can be easily killed or captured.
      Note: some weaker creatures may go straight from wounded to dead.

      Does that make sense?

      • Sampire says:

        Hey, thanks so much! My buddies and I are really enjoying the work you have done. Super glad people like you are so dedicated to working on this stuff. Keep doing what you’re doing; you have made tabletop RPG’s much less of a daunting task to us newbies.

  38. Hello, I made a French translation for the “Dead Simple Fantasy RPG – 4th Edition”.
    Feel Free to take it and transform it in a one page element.
    Have a nice day.

  39. Craig says:

    Thanks Sampire:)

  40. StephenC says:

    Can a priest heal everyone up outside of combat or are the restricted to the number of “healings” they can perform each day?

    • Craig says:

      Hi Stephen,
      Under fifth edition this is unlimited. Under seventh, which is currently on my workbench, the Priest will have to make a successful knowledge roll to use healing.
      This will not limit the number of attempts per se, but will slow the Priest down and, of course, if they themselves are wounded then negative modifiers will apply.

  41. Maxwell says:

    Thanks to you Craig! Thanks also to your proofreaders. Happy gaming!

  42. StephenC says:

    Craig, Just thought I’d acknowledge your influence in an upcoming game that I’m making. If your interested you can see the development blog at A post titled ‘First Glance at the Actor’ will be up shortly.

  43. A.M. Pietroschek says:


  44. AriG says:

    hi craig! Can we get a character sheet for nasty, brutal, and short

  45. AriG says:

    btw, i love your games! All the other character sheets are great, i just need one for nasty, brutal, and short. Thx!

  46. AriG says:

    Also, let me know if any of the other character sheets will work for this game.

  47. AriPG says:

    Hey guys! I just created a Character Sheet for SOE21
    Here is the link:
    Be sure to either print double sided or to print both pages!
    Love your games Craig!

  48. Grumpy Fox says:

    o/ Hi, Craig! Feel like we have been chums for centuries, ’cause I am a huge enthusiast of Dead Simple system for years. Based a lot of my stuff on your doings, actually (always giving you the due credit, of course! Look for “Vault of the Drow” at the Fb or MeWe! And see how much I mean it! Your wild creative work and general generosity towards RPG community deserves high praises and further attention. Be fine always, Craig!

  49. Sean Jensen says:

    Craig, I’ve been off of Facebook for over one year, and I was wondering if you had any updates to game that I might be able to take a look at? Thanks, Sean Jensen

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